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Effective Alternative Therapies

Reiki Healing

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Reiki, (pronounced ray' - kee), is a philosophy of Wellness.  It is, in a real sense, the application of Love as a palpable force, thus is, of course, non-invasive and drug-free.  It is now being applied in many hospitals by emergeny room personnel, by medics, police officers, fire-fighters, and other first-responders.

Through a simple "laying on of hands," energy is caused to flow gently through the body, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and calming the emotions, which facilitates the natural healing of the body, both in the immune and musculo-skeletal systems.  This energy is transmitted from the Universe through a healing facilitator -- preferably a Reiki Master -- to assist in pain relief and speed the healing process on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Example -- A Client's Testimonial

In 1997 I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, with a platelet count of 1,400,000, which is considered a form of blood and bone-marrow cancer.  In 2003, Rebecca Vogler started treating me, and although the average life expectancy of people with this disease is eight years, I have had it for twelve years, and am still able to take care of myself at 77 years of age!  I have to take oral chemotherapy every day, which is enough to kill a person in 12 years.  When I started the treatment with Mrs. Vogler, I was taking meds for high blood pressure as well, which I no longer need or take!  I am thankful for Becky and her treatments.


Robert Loy,

Piedmont area, North Carolina

Click on the link below for the full story of Robert Loy's amazing journey with Reiki and my other modalities

Reiki is not a religion.  The term Reiki derives from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, meaning "spiritually guided life force energy" -- the energy which is said to animate us all, and permeates the space around us.  This concept of universal life energy is found in many cultures, and is widely recognized to be the force that vitalizes the body.

There's no belief system attached to Reiki, thus anyone of any faith can receive treatment.  As in any healing, the first step towards a healthier life is the desire to heal.

Reiki Treatment

The client reclines on a table or bed, or sits in a chair, while the  Reiki Master holds her hands on or above (the choice of the client) the surface of the client's body.  Beginning at the top of the head (crown), the practitioner focuses the Reiki energy progressively on all internal organs, joints and glands.  There is no pressure applied to the body, making it ideal for treating clients of all ages and conditions.

Regardless of the location of the Reiki Master's hands at any moment, the energy flows to that portion of the body most in need at that time.  It can be felt as a gently flowing sensation, or  tingling in the body.  This force is often perceived by the recipient to flow progressively through the body at points the practitioner is addressing, but it is also felt moving to specific locations as directed by the body,  rather than by the practitioner.

A typical treatment lasts an hour, or occasionally longer, as required.  When combined with other treatments -- Bowen Therapy, for example -- times may be extended.



* Enhancement of all natural healing processes in the body.

* Facilitation of functions of organs and glands.

*Strengthening of the immune system.

*Amelioration of pain.

*Clearance of toxins via cellular flushing.

* Increase in personal awareness.

*Relaxation and diffusion of stress.

*Promotion of creativity.

*Release of suppressed emotions.

*Reduction of strength of destructive inner dialogue.

*Increase of knitting speed of broken bones.

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