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This is the story of a man and his struggle – a struggle against circumstances which would crush many a person.  It has been, and continues to be, a privilege for me to walk with this man, and honor his struggle



In 2003, after I received my Reiki Master certification, I contacted Mr. Robert Loy, a resident of  piedmont North Carolina, to offer Reiki healing.  I had known Robert for some time, and was aware of his medical condition -- essential thrombocythemia. This is usually a slowly progressing disorder caused by overgrowth of a cell that’s a precursor of blood cells, involving red and while blood cells as well as platelets [essential for clotting].  Symptoms are formation of blood clots, bleeding episodes both internal and external, and in some people, strokes.  It is currently managed with hydroxyurea, interferon-alpha and analgrelide.


When I explained my offer, he readily agreed.  At the time, he had just experienced the death of his wife from lung cancer, and had sat at her hospital bed by her side for weeks, caring for her.  Not only was he dealing with his disorder, but was suffering grief and exhaustion from her illness and passing.


Following a session, his voice would change -- he would sound uplifted.  The stress began to abate, and he would experience a sense of peace.  He would often see pictures in his mind, some which I understood as symbols of his depression, of not wanting to go on.  Others were clearly encouragement from relatives who had gone on before him. As he moved out of his grief and depression,  his body was able to mobilize to deal with his disorder more effectively.


By 2005, we had been working together for two years. His body overall appeared stronger.  His emotional health had improved dramatically.  He laughed more. He told jokes again.  In April, I went on my honeymoon to Myrtle Beach, thinking that Robert would be alright.  Early on, however, he began to appear in my dream state – just standing there, looking at me.  This happened at least twice, and I realized that he needed my help, that somehow he was contacting me in this way.  I started sending distance Reiki immediately,  only later learning that he had undergone gallbladder surgery at this time.  During that operation, which he describes as “simple gallbladder surgery,”  he lost seven units of blood, replaced in transfusion.


We continued in Reiki treatment over the next couple of years.  Over the period he experienced a couple of severe toothaches – the medication is very hard on teeth – and was able to ease his pain until he was able to get to the dentist. 


In 2007 I began working with him with Serenity Vibration Healing, creating and loading processes for blood health onto his screen.  We were still doing this at a distance – he in his home and me in mine – so I would call him the next day to ask about progress.  He would often report a decrease in platelet count as a result. He continues to actuate his screen daily to deepen the healing.

I am amazed, as are his doctors, that he has survived in spite of several "Bleed-Outs" [blood thins so severly that his nose or gums bleed profusely – sometimes while he is sleeping, and  he awakens with the bed covered in blood, in one case requiring three units of blood to recoup. Such bleed-outs could easily have killed the average person.


In my opinion, Mr. Loy is a walking miracle. In spite of it all, At age 77 he continues his life long passion of collecting and selling antiques.  Last month, he sent me the following letter, with permission to post it on our website:







March 14, 2009                                                                                                                                                                             

Robert Loy

North Carolina

In 1997 I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia with a platelet count of 1,400,000, which is considered a form of blood and bone marrow cancer.

In 2003 Rebecca Vogler started treating me, and although the average life span of people with this disease is 8 years, I have had it for 12 years and am still able to take care of myself at 77 years of age!  I have to take oral chemotherapy every day which is enough to kill a person in 12 years. When I started the treatment with Mrs. Vogler I was taking meds for high blood pressure as well, which I no longer need or take! I am thankful for Becky and her treatments.




                                                                                                   Robert Loy

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