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Effective Alternative Therapies

Huna Healing


Huna is a vast, ancient  paradigm for being,  embracing all of the principles for physical, emotional and spiritual WELL-being.  These priniciples can be summarized in seven concise statements:

  • The world is what you think it is.
  • There are no limits.
  • Energy flows where attention goes.
  • NOW is the moment of power.
  • To love is to be happy.
  • All power comes from within.
  • Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

When these principles are fully grasped and practiced, the practitioner lives a life balanced between ego and self, where awareness, cause,  focus, the power-of-now, love, strength and successful endeavor produce the results of freedom and satisfaction. For most of us, mastery of these principles -- which are not by any means unique to Huna -- is a lifelong endeavor.  Our own Body/mind work here at the Center provides effective access to living these principles.  We employ it in service of pain relief, but the principles themselves apply throughout the web of human life, and, indeed lead to satisfaction and freedom.


A Huna Healing Treatment provides three doorways -- one into the mind through the body, another through the body into the mind.*  During a session, a powerful connection is established between the body and mind, thus quieting the incessant noise of mind-chatter and the racket of pain, opening a third doorway, one of connection to the soul. 

The receiver feels, as the treatment progresses, a quieting of the ego, a fading from prominence of the habitual making-wrong of the self, thus the consequent acceptance and love for the self, often for the first time.  This induces a state of profound relaxation, releasing the constrictions on the natural healing and restorative systems of the body, generating healing transformation, which begins immediately and continues on into the future.

Treatment takes place at our center on a softly-padded table, under a sheet, a concession to our modern lifestyle in the continental U.S.  Traditionally, it might well be on sandy ground, within hearing of the ocean waves, with only a sarong for padding.

Elements of the earth -- plant, animal, water, wind, fire, stone and human are gently restored to the body -- a reconnection with the natural elements from which we are so radically separated in today's world.  This restoration of the first six is accomplished with hands-on application of signals instantly recognized by both the body and mind.  The seventh element, human, in our center is often supplied by Lomilomi massage which is a subset of Huna.


This work is currently under construction, but we want you to have as much information as we can supply, so we've let you in during the writing process.  If your curiosity is piqued, give us a call at 336-761-0501 and we'll share more with you verbally, until we can complete this section.




*We've written elsewhere that there is no real distinction between the body and the mind, that the distinction is artificial, with no basis in reality.  This artificial distinction springs from the edict -- delivered to a man named Descarte  --  of the Catholic church years ago that science could study the body, but the province of the soul was reserved for the Church.  Descarte, by the way, was threatened with death should he disobey this edict.  Since the connection of soul to body is through the mind, specifically through the operation of emotional/cognitive functions, the edict actually worked out to create an imagined seperation between body and mind.  Thus today we have allopathic medicine operating in the "something's broken, let's fix it" mode, with little or no reference to the all-powerful mind with its connection to soul as both the origin and resolution of bodily pain and dysfunction.  Huna, by comparison, functions in the wellness model, in which a return to harmony and balance restores the body.  All of its many modalities and treatments are focused on that restoration. 








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