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The video above captures Kent McKeithan at a wellness presentation,  in a breakout room of a regional health fair several years ago.  He is winding up an hour-long presentation in which three of his clients spoke intimately of their struggle against pain and described their healing process brought about at McKeithan Pain Treatment Center (which at that time was Transformative Bodywork).  To view what one of them -- Dr. Susan Schumacher, who had seen her fibromyalgia resolve -- says about the treatment, click on her name above.  Other videos from that event are being added as time permits, included one on back pain and on catastrophic injury recovery.

The McKeithan Pain Treatment Center
is comprised of Kent McKeithan, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist #2054;  Rebecca Vogler Reiki and Huna Master/Teacher, and Serenity Vibration Healing, Level III practitioner; and Elsa McKeithan, PhD.
Kent McKeithan

Kent McKeithan.  I've been a bodywork practitioner for twenty years.  Beginning in massage well before therapists were licensed in North Carolina, I hold N. C. license #2054.  After practicing massage for a few years, I realized that I wanted to make a greater difference than could be made for a client with massage alone.  My research led me to Bowen therapy as the work that would deliver the most effective treatment for musculo-skeletal pain.  I have focused in that arena ever sense, becoming certified in the three principal versions of Bowen therapy:  Bowtech, Neurostructural Integration Technique or NST, and Neural Touch.  Over the years, I gradually accumulated knowledge from other modalities. There were courses and seminars in several kinds of massage techniques, One-Brain Therapy (a combination of mind/body work), some Ortho-Bionomy, Qi Gong, strain/counter-strain, Reiki, Muscle Energy Techniques and other modalities whose names I've frankly forgotten.
In the mind venue, Ive got a couple of thousand hours of training in Landmark Education, several hundred in Farr self-awareness training, and some work in energy psychology, specifically Emotional Freedom Technique.  Eventually I synthesized this learning into  Muscle Memory Release, which has proven effective for resolving chronic pains that would not yield to bodywork alone.

Finally, what I learn in yoga I often pass on to my clients, because Ive found it of immense value in reprogramming -- helping to maintain freedom from pain. 

Becky Vogler
Rebecca Vogler (Becky) provides Reiki, Huna and Serenity Vibration and Enlightenment Technique, and accompanies me in the Muscle Memory Release  process.  She is a fierce caring for the earth, for the earth's peoples, animals and plants.  Simply to be in her presence is to be uplifted.  Her unity with her Reiki arts is palpable, so that even clients who were skeptical of the value of Reiki are enrolled in the possibility of healing she projects, and find the benefits unfolding quickly. 

"I've always wanted to ease people's pain.  Even as a child, when the grownups around me were hurting, I would lay my hands on them to comfort them.  It was an expression of love.  I felt that if I could touch them, it would ease their pain."  This caring led her on the path of Montessori teaching, which she pursued for twenty years, even operating her own school for seven of those years.  Shortly after moving to North Carolina to establish a new Montessori school, a bout of sickness led her to seek out a local Reiki Master for the facilitation of healing.  "I did, and never looked back."  The treatments were very successful, and, being intrigued by her experience,  she went on to study Reiki, which led her into Huna, and, later to Serenity Vibration Healing.  She brings a passionate commitment to her work, and is continuously open to new healing applications.

Elsa McKeithan
Elsa McKeithan, PhD, is president of McKeithan Enterprises, the umbrella corporation that includes McKeithan Pain  Treatment Center.  In that capacity, she provides business management oversight, records management and print marketing materials.  She is our source for Natures Pearl Muscadine products (www., nutritional supplements which, because of the thorough research backing them, we unreservedly recommend, both for rebuilding and  protecting the body.  
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