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Effective Alternative Therapies

Dan Robertson, attorney:

"I can't explain what caused my transformation from feeling like a 70 year old man to one back in his 30's, but their treatments worked for me."

Back Pain

Sciatica, Bulging Disks, or Lower Back Problems 

     The physical cause of these back problems is usually a pelvis that is tilted or twisted, sometimes twisted and tilted.  This torsion in turn brings about what is in effect a short leg.  As if the pain of a herniated or bulging disk weren't enough, the body's compensation for the short leg creates pain elsewhere, typically knees and, eventually, shoulders.  Sciatica, on the other hand, involves the pinching of the sciatic nerve by an impinging vertebra, instead of a bulging disk. 

We focus our attention in these cases on correcting the internal pattern that has the pelvis tilt and/or twist, resolving the compensatory patterns and their accompanying pain along the way.  


    We first treat the pain in scoliosis, which is usually a fairly short-term treatment.  Then, if the client wishes, we work to resolve the scoliosis itself, which takes longer, and requires a firm committment by the client to regular, specific movement to re-educate the body.  Our recommended choice for this is Relaxercise, followed by a gentle  re-educational yoga such a Vini yoga.  From there, possibilities include martial arts practice, chi-gong or t'ai chi, and different breathing techniques.

Traumatic Injury: Auto Accidents, Falls

When an accidental injury occurs, if we can treat it soon after the injury -- after bones have knit, once it is safe to move muscles and joints -- we can alleviate acute pain very quickly.  If, however, pain and dysfunction have remained in the body for a long time, the pain has become chronic.  This is the kind of pain for which patients are sent to chronic pain centers, pain that quite often results in the prescribing of drugs which themselves become debilitating, even addictive, while doing nothing to correct the problem at its root cause. Our work with the fascial tissue, sometimes accompanied with coaching for the mind, actually addresses and resolves the cause, thus permanently relieving pain and restoring range-of-motion and quality of life.

An example from our records is the experience of Windie Hansen, who was ejected from a van at high speed on an interstate highway.  She first came to us on a handicap scooter five years after the accident, with rods up either side of her spine.  Both rods had sprung loose at the top and bottom.  She was in severe pain, strongly medicated, having little hope of ever walking or living a useful life again.  To view her video account of her story, and her success at recovery, click on the video below.

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