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Dan Robertson's Story

 I am an attorney who has suffered from lower back pain and tightness around my neck and shoulders for about ten years.  I have been to chiropractors, a neurologist, an accupuncturist, massage therapists and regular physicians to seek relief from these problems.  At times, the  back pain was excruciating and almost immobolizing, forcing me to seek pain medication and pain shots, and to use crutches to stand up and walk.

I heard of Kent McKeithan through a mutual friend and decided to give him a try, since everything else had failed.  What I immediately noticed was how Kent relieved pressure points in my legs that I didn't even believe to be a problem for me.  He also relieved pressure around my neck, shoulders and jaw.  The results were dramatic.  As I got into my Jeep to go home from the first session, I noticed that I had no difficulty in getting in and seated.  Before, I had been forced to sit onto the seat, then bring my legs in together while support them with my arms.  More startling, I noticed that my neck and shoulders were no longer stiff, but rubbery in feel.  I could fully move my head from side to side without feeling any resistance or pain.   After several more sessions, the stiffness I felt in my back in the mornings went away completely and I felt none of the throbbing pain in my lower back that I had for years when first going to bed at night.

During the course of treatment, Kent recommended integrating Reiki with his treatment, explaining that it would intensify the process and speed the results.  After discussing Reiki with his colleague, Rebecca Vogler, Reiki Master, I took his recommendation.  While I had at first been skeptical, I did find that it helped keep me limber and flexible for longer periods of time.

I work out religiously at the gym now, and, at 50, feel more like I did in my late 30's.  Not being a student of the body, and how it functions, I can't explain what caused my transformation from feeling like a 70 year old man to one back in his 30's, but their treatments worked for me.  They accomplished in about two to three months what chiropractors in two states had not begun to accomplish in ten years of treatment.

Dan Robertson, Attorney at Law

Advance, North Carolina


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