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Effective Alternative Therapies


  Much of the joint pain we suffer falls under the general heading of arthritis, or more accurately osteoarthritis, which is an inflammation of the hard tissue (bones) that make up a joint.  Whether it is brought on by some kind of traumatic event, such as a fall, or an automobile accident, the arthritic condition is one wherein bone is rubbing against bone.  That constant rubbing abraids the protective surfaces of the bones, causing inflammation, which is a signal that something is misaligned, needs correcting.

     While medical scientists state they do not know the cause of arthritis, we believe that it is simply as it appears, that muscles and tendons are not doing their jobs as designed, thus allowing the bone surfaces to contact, rather than remain insulated from one-another. We have shown, to our satisfaction, that once the muscles resume their correct functionality, the bones will separate, returning the joint to its proper shape, thus eliminating the cause of inflammation and resolving pain.

Bowen Therapy intervenes in the  patterns of muscle movement, returning them to the patterns that are built into the body, in the chromosomes.  This produces, in turn, a correct patttern in the joints,  allowing them to operate pain-free. See the following article:

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