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Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs

"I was satisfied I could get on with my life, and delighted to be out of pain." --Gloria Corn, MARY KAY Director

Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Inflammation and Heel Spurs

Foot pain -- usually inflammation of one type or another, with broken bones being the exception -- can occur on the dorsal (upper), or plantar, (lower), portions of the foot, as well as in the heel and toes.  One of the most common forms of inflammation is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the fascial tissue on the plantar side of the foot.  Fascial tissue is a very tough resilient film-like substance that infuses and covers muscle tissue. Its normal state is condition that could be called semi-liquid, or sol.  When injured through prolonged stress or sudden trauma, fascia moves into a firmer state, termed gel. In the gel state, it has lost much of its flexibility, its resilience and its lubricity, so its ability to stretch, flex and glide past adjacent tissue is reduced.  This in turn can result in adhesions, where surfaces stick and rub together, setting up an inflammation response by the body.

Our treatments, Bowen Therapy Reiki and Huna Healing an  are most often directed towards correcting pelvic misalignment, because it is this misalignment which causes the foot to strike the ground at an angle for which it was not designed, so inflammation results.  Once this realignment takes place, ankle and foot can be effectively addressed.

NOTE: Recent data has shown that the running/athletic shoes we have be urged to wear, and indeed have been wearing, since the 1970's, are in fact leading causes of injury, particularly the injury called plantar fasciitis.  There will be more about this data on our blog shortly.

As anyone who has suffered plantar fasciitis knows, this can be one of the most persistent, agonizing pains going, robbing the sufferer of much of the quality of life.

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