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      When Gloria Corn, a dynamic successful Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, began to experience plantar fasciitis – a very painful condition in the plantar surface of the feet – in 2004, she thought it would go away.  It didn’t, so she did what we all do – she went to the doctor.

     Two years later, after various medications, referrals to other physicians, foot taping/wrapping, wearing of inserts (she could only wear high heels – no flats) and still no resolution, she sought treatment at McKeithan Pain Treatment Center. In the interim she had also developed pain and reduced range-of-motion in her right shoulder. She was very active in her work. A Mary Kay director recruits and trains women for the particular kind of caring sales that Mary Kay is known for, and Corn stands behind her people one hundred percent. She is committed that they be successful. This requires a lot of local travel – entering and exiting cars, visiting homes, giving presentations and in general, being on her feet and utilizing her shoulders extensively.

 When Corn arrived for treatment, she had done her homework. There were no underlying emotional issues enabling or causing fasciitis, so straightforward body therapy, in this case, Bowen therapy, was what was indicated.  In addition, she had continued in her workouts at a women’s gym, but it was hard, with the foot and shoulder pain, and they weren’t improving. She’d been doing everything she knew to do, but the pain still kept grinding away.

 “Kent explained that the root cause of my foot pain was a tilt in my pelvis, causing an imbalance that put pressure on my feet in a way they couldn’t handle, and that he would be working to correct that. I said to go ahead – whatever it took to get rid of that pain. He put me on his comfortable table and did some things with his fingers that didn’t seem like very much,  just like maybe tweaks and doinks. He moved my legs in a particular way, while continuing with those subtle signals. He warned me that the pain might increase briefly within the next three days and sent me on my way, making an appointment for the following week.

"Sure enough, in about three days the foot pain became very intense, then subsided over the next day and the next, leaving me with about one-third of the pain I’d originally come in with. By the second visit I was feeling only occasional twinges in my right Achilles tendon, and this was after I had worked at the High Point furniture market, standing on my feet in a showroom for a whole we

In her second appointment, shoulder and other foot problems were addressed, leaving her free of chronic pain, with the range-of-motion in her shoulder returning nicely. “I was satisfied that I could get on with my life, and delighted to be without pain. 

Two months later she returned, saying she was feeling some small twinges in her right foot and shoulder, wanting correction before she attended a week-long Mary Kay  seminar in Dallas. “I knew I’d be on my feet on a concrete floor for all that time, and I just didn’t want to risk having that pain return. And you know, it worked! I was busy for that entire week, almost never sat down, got on and off buses – basically ran from morning ‘til well into the night – and never suffered any more than the normal tiredness at the end of the day. It was wonderful!”

Gloria Corn can be reached at
Kent McKeithan 336-761-0501 in Winston-Salem.

This Article is an excerpt from one that was originally published in Natural Triad Magazine,

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