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Effective Alternative Therapies

Tennis, Golf, Other Sports Injuries

Anyone involved in sports is likely to experience the pain of an over-stretched muscle, or the burning sensation from repetitive motion.  Such injuries are relatively easily treated, yielding a fairly rapid recovery.  However, pain during sports participation often springs from previous injuries that were left untreated, were treated improperly, or for some reason did not heal.  These trauma can go back to childhood or even birth.  The condition lies basically dormant, unnoticed until the extreme or repetitive movement demanded by the particular sport forces soft tissue into activities that are beyond the tissue's capability unless the tissues -- muscle, tendon, even ligament -- are reorganized.  By "reorganization," we mean returning to the muscles' co-ordinated pattern of movement at the fiber and golgi tendon level.  Therapy 360 provides this reorganization (see Bowen Therapy).

For a thorough example of this historical "carry-forward" action of the body, click on the "Alan Miller" link below.  It provides a complete background look at the early causes of injury, how they can be successfully treated, and a testimonial from Miller himself on the effectiveness of treatment.

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