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Effective Alternative Therapies

Wrist and Hand Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Motion and Tarsal Tunnel Syndromes

Caused by either repeated, machine-like motions or motions performed in such a way that muscles, tendons and ligaments and bones are not used in their designed relationship. These painful, nagging and sometimes downright debilitating breakdowns often lead to surgery, which many times doesn't correct the problem, and leaves the sufferer maimed.

Our treatment for this condition includes the joints and muscles above the affected areas, as well as the tissue that is obviously, painfully inflamed.  In the case of the carpal tunnel of the wrist, for example,  forearm musculature beginning at the elbow is involved, which is in turn influenced by muscles and tendons of the shoulder.  All must relate to one-another in a well-integrated, balanced harmony of movement, so each is treated for release.

Then, specific tendons and ligaments in the wrist are addressed, both to to cause separation of adhesions and to facilitate voluntary movement of the bones of the wrist, which provide proper support for the operation of these tissues.  Instruction is offered in how to correctly address whatever equipment is being utilized, such as a computer keyboard or piano.

Generally, we treat these syndromes with Bowen Therapy, accompanied by Reiki or Huna, after which our clients are given movements (see Relaxercise) or exercises to maintain their freedom of pain-free movement.


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