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Effective Alternative Therapies

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

"I am pain free!! Unless you have suffered as I did, you do not know how much this means! I hope you will consider investing the time to learn more about this wonderful therapy" - Susan Schumacher, PhD, Greensboro, NC

Fibromyalgia has many manifestations.   The current favorite medical diagnostic criteria require eleven of eighteen tender points to be active on the body, yet many who specialize in treating the syndrome say this isn't necessary, that one can suffer fibromyalgia with fewer tender points...

We don't know about specific tender points.  We do know that persons who suffer from  FMS hurt, pretty much all of the time.  The pain moves around the body, it is at times excruciating, and after awhile begins to seriously compromise the sufferer's will to live.  It is made more difficult by some physicians who, when they can't locate a cause -- something to be fixed -- are inclined to dismiss the pain with an "It's all in your mind: get over it!" attitude, and sometimes in those exact words.

We have found that clients with FMS respond very well to a combination of body/mind coaching and bodywork (generally Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Huna Healing) in the process we call Muscle Memory Release.  In fact, we have in our files records of several clients who no longer suffer from FMS as a result of our work.  One of those, Susan Schumacher, PhD, has shared her experience with you in the link below.

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