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This weblog is being created to share with you, our readers and clients, our latest discoveries and new realizations that might be helpful in improving and maintaining your health and well-being.  We will announce new treatments, describe breakthroughs with our clients and share what we trust are beneficial insights into the body's functioning.  We will be happy to answer questions or accept contributions to the blog that we deem of general interest.  For now, send these via our site email.  If the demand grows unmanageable this way, we'll change to more sophisticated tools.

The initial posts for 2016 will all address the topic of plantar fasciitis and foot pain in general, as it relates to both knee and back pain.  We'll discuss some of the external as well as internal causes, offering some suggestions on what you can do to prevent those types of pain in the first place, and how to resolve them once they've taken hold.   What we are writing is slanted towards athletic activities, but applies equally as well to everyday, non-athletic living.

These pieces are not necessarily sequential, but when studied in their entirety, will provide the reader with a deeper-than-average understanding of the design and function of feet.  That will include how feet relate to the rest of the body, what influences their comfort and how their comfort, or lack of it, in turn causes either pain freedom, or pain elsewhere.  There will be, among other topics, information that you can use on how to choose shoes that work for your body, rather than cause you harm.  Note that the first two posts assume a fairly normal foot -- that is, one which is joined to the body in the ideal, balanced alignment.  Others will address those that are not so fortunately formed.
  • 1/25/2016 Plantar Fasciitis, Back Pain Ditch your Nike's, drop your Reboks and lose your pain. Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, knee, hip and even low back pain can be ultimately traced to what we've been sold as great athletic shoes.
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