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Effective Alternative Therapies

In this video, Jeri Supple shares what Relaxercise has accomplished in her body, and how she uses it regularly in her day-to-day life. Jeri operates a business providing organization, sorting facilitation and packing for persons who are moving from a long-time residence, as well as regular house-cleaning services. Her body, as you will see, is small, yet she places demands on it that would tax a much larger, stronger individual. She is able to do this largely because of the reprogramming that Relaxercise provides her.

Release Pain, Greatly Reduce Stress, Fatigue; Engage Peace and Well-Being With RelaxerciseTM

RelaxerciseTM is  " affordable, gentle, highly effective self-treatment  for pain" as one participant describes it.  "It's amazing.  It involves no drugs, no surgery and no magic, I can do it myself -- nobody does it to me and  the treatment doesn't hurt"  People who practice RelaxerciseTM report permanent relief from back pain, including strain, disc problems and sciatica.  Similar results are reported for shoulder, neck and tempromandibular joint (TMJ) problems, and a substantial number of other musculo-skeletal pains. .  An example:

"I began RelaxerciseTM about 12 weeks ago and immediately noticed an improvement in my posture and the length of time I could sit at my desk without my back hurting.  Within three sessions, I had more energy and a better outlook on life.  My main focus was scoliosis of the spine, and as I have continued practicing RelaxerciseTM , my back does not fatigue as easily.  After a lifelong battle with migraine headaches, they are diminishing and I've seen a slight improvement in my eyesight"

--Jennifer Boose, Winston-Salem

[Jennifer is wearing the multicolored striped pants in the video above.  You can see her practicing RelaxerciseTM along with Beth Brown and Jeri Supple by clicking the link at the very bottom of the page.] The originator of this work, Moshe Feldenkrais, when told by doctors in 1942 that he faced a 50% chance of losing the mobility in both knees, plunged into deep research that resulted in a body of knowledge and a system known as the Feldenkrais Method.  It restored his knees to full, pain-free function.

Then, in 1983, two of his students, David Zemach-Bersin and Mark  Reese, two of the first American students of Feldenkrais, developed RelaxerciseTM so that anyone who was willing to practice could relieve pain and restore range-of-motion on their own, without having to rely on a practitioner to facilitate the necessary changes.  At McKeithan Pain Treatment Center we have found that learning and practicing RelaxerciseTM produces similar results to that of our lead treatment, Bowen Therapy.  We've learned this because we practice it ourselves.

The system requires strong focus on the body, with precise but oh-so-gentle movements, which, in the process of releasing pain, also enhances awareness and provides a space of freedom from what readers of Eckhart Toll may recognize as the "pain body".   As taught by Kent McKeithan, this is accomplished with a particular breath-release, which is, once learned, available to the user in all situations, not just while practicing RelaxerciseTM.

Here Beth Brown, a colon cancer survivor who is dedicated to building and maintaining her body with regular trips to the gym, shares what Relaxercise practice does for her. She tells her story with her usual vivacious enthusiasm...

Participants in the classes will learn this method of breath-release in conjunction with Relaxercise movements.  The result, for those who fully participate, will be not only the reduction in pain, but a space of well-being, the beginning of living from a relaxed-but-alert place.

Classes are structured in modules of six weekly one and one-half hour sessions.  Both day and evening classes are available.  It is quite possible to attend one module and learn the method sufficiently for home practice, or students may wish to continue into advanced studies.   Cost per module is $95.00 plus the manual. We have a few on hand @ $20, or they can be bought locally and online.

Fall classes are forming (see below). To register, phone McKeithan Pain Treatment Center at 336-761-0501, or email us through the website at Contact Us. Cash, Check Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards accepted. Payment plans can be worked out where necessary.

We offer these classes for two groups of clients: those who've successfully experienced Bowen Therapy, Muscle Memory Release, or one of our other therapies; and those who, for whatever reason, would prefer an effective method of self-treatment, even though it might take more time. For those who've experienced our treatments, RelaxerciseTM is the easiest, most effective way to maintain the pain-freedom that you gained through our hands-on work, and even to go beyond to further improve your range-of-motion.

Class Schedule

There are no summer classes formally scheduled.  However, call us with your interest.  We'll see what we can put together.

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