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Effective Alternative Therapies

Muscle Memory Release --

Mind / Body Wellness Coaching


Bodymind healing, or Muscle Memory Release (MMR), springs from the awareness that the mind is very powerful, and that it is inseparable from the body. My own experience over two decades of bodywork has been confirmed in study after study of stress acting on the body, and in the burgeoning field of psychoneuroimmunology: the human mind is, in one way or another, the ultimate cause in pain and breakdown in the body.

In short, our mind, interweaving our past with our social, physical and phenomenal environment, unconsciously generates feelings which are neither recognized nor owned, thus not expressed. These unowned emotions drive respiratory, vascular and neuromuscular imbalances which, over time, generate dysfunction and, if uncorrected, chronic pain, then breakdown.

Addresses Cause, Not Symptoms 

MMR combines coaching with  bodywork (principally Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Huna Healing, with other modalities as needed) to facilitate healing at this causal level, rather than at the level of symptoms.  Bowen Therapy in this modality, is a client-driven myofascial release process.  "Coaching" can be thought of as counseling from a wellness model. We do not approach our clients as mentally ill, or having something wrong with them. In fact, we hold our clients as whole, complete-- perfect the way they are. What's missing is their realization of their wholeness. Access to the realization comes through work in both the mind (emotional-cognitive-spiritual) and the body (neural-muscular-respiratory-vascular-digestive) systems.
Sometimes the breakthrough comes principally through the mind, sometimes through the body; but inevitably, one opens the door for the other, and involving both body and mind appropriately succeeds where other single-system approaches have failed.
A bodymind healing session or Muscle Memory Release -- specifically lasts two hours. It's a one-on-one* conversation, where the client shares experience in a safe environment which is judgment-free. He or she is led over several sessions to complete any significant unfinished or undelivered communications, first with self, then with any significant other. At each session there are discoveries about self which, in that session or the next, are brought to the bodywork table, where an hour's session of bodywork unwinds the chronically lodged results unlocked in the coaching session. Usually, these discoveries must presage bodywork.
In my assessment of the body, I read the signs of imbalance -- the lowered, tilted shoulder, the habitually tightened jaw, the medially rotated foot -- addressing these indicators by the design of the day's treatment. Often I will, by virtue of the coaching session, be intuitively guided in applying a procedure which I might not have rationally planned, which in turn effects a release or realignment that I didn't see before.

Actual Awareness of the Self Emerges

In the ensuing week, the combined session's work will continue to operate throughout the client's mind and body, such that a quite different individual presents for the next appointment. In the meantime, there is always homeworkspecific physical exercises, of course, but most important are the communication and self-awareness processes that are assigned. These assignments have the client be at cause in, and responsible for, his or her own growth into wellness, and assure that the process of freeing the body from its constraints continues unabated. The homeopathic nature of Therapy 360 A assures that there will be physiological processes of transformation going on during this interim, of which the client will be sometimes greatly aware, other times only peripherally.
When the client reappears for the next session, treatment begins at a level significantly advanced over the beginning of the previous appointment, and the process continues to complete resolution, or until the client is totally empowered to finish any remaining steps without my direct intervention. 
We are available for telephone consultation during the periods between appointments, to support the client in any actions or undertakings that stop them. I encourage clients to participate in communities which are supportive of their lives, and to return for "tune-ups" periodically. 

*Treatment Expanded

In 2008, I met Rebecca Vogler at an appearance at A&S Natural Health.  She had been experiencing chronic pain for some years, and was interested in what McKeithan Pain Treatment Center could do to relieve that pain.  As I worked with her, I became aware of her own treatment strengths, not only in the energy field, but in her ability to sometimes pick up on subtle wordings and nuances that I would miss.  Having already asked her to join the Center as a Reiki practitioner, I then asked if she would be willing to enter into the coaching arena with me.  After some consideration, she agreed, and is now an integral part of the Therapy 360 Muscle Memory Release process.

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